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Meet the designers behind MG Surfline waterwear.  


Alexandra Menk comes from a long history as a senior art director for some of the largest multinational companies. Burnt out by the corporate lifestyle, Alexandra decided to focus on her true passion water sports and the environment. Her paddle boarding experience has placed her 1st in the Women's Elite Graveyard Race at the Carolina Cup, 1st at the internationally known Key West Race and 1st at the Miami Orange Bowl Paddle.  


Growing up in Bogota, Colombia, Alex was a fish out of water.  Her devotion for the Ocean began when she first set foot in the water as part of her training for a diving certification.  And just like that, the fish was returned to where it always belonged.  After travelling around the world, diving in the most incredible locations, including the breath taking Great Barrier Reef, Alex moved to Florida.   It was in sunny South Florida where she was introduced to kiteboarding and stand up paddle boarding.  From then on her life would never be the same, and she will never live more than a couple miles from the beach.  In her own words “the Ocean is my playground, my passion, and it is our responsibility to protect it”.   


Melissa Gil is a marine biologist, ocean advocate, professional kitesurfer, free surfer, yogi and diver.  She has won many national + international titles, most notably World Champion at the Kite Speed World Championship in 2009, and Outright Women’s Speed Sailing Record Holder at 38 knots. 


Raised in Costa Rica, her family trips to the beach meant a full day of playing in the ocean.  Curiously she was born with webbed feet.  Friends and family noted that the only thing she is missing are gills.  Ever since she can remember, Meli had a keen passion for the ocean and she constantly enjoyed an intimate connection with it.  With the years her passion for water sports and devotion to nature and the ocean have only grown stronger.  In her own words “protecting the environment is not just my job, it is something that is incorporated in everything I do in my life, from my work as a biologist, to the sports I choose to engage in, all powered by our natural elements the wind and the waves”. 


With MG Surfline their vision is to combine their passions to provide high quality, unique, stylish, and ECO-friendly waterwear, and to inspire others to do what they love while promoting a healthy outdoor lifestyle, and spreading the ‘Pura Vida’ way of life.  

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MG Surfline™ is dedicated to women who love the ocean.
Our eco-conscious products and stories inspire, encourage and empower you to live fully.
We are conscious women creating with love.
We are a small business with a BIG dream.

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