Water wear for a plastic free Ocean

Remarkably we are using recycled plastic bottles to create high quality swimwear and active wear!  


How can discarded plastic bottles can be turned into amazing products? 


The process is simple. Plastic bottles labeled with the #1 on the bottom are the same chemistry make-up as polyester.  Recycled plastic bottles are ground into flakes.  The flakes are transformed into fiber or thread and that thread is used to knit our fabrics.     


We believe in protecting the ocean we love so much.  By upcycling plastic bottles we can help to keep plastic out of the ocean and offset the need to produce new raw materials.  


Our waterwear collection is meant to have fun, stay active and live life to the fullest.  The approach we take towards product design emerged from a life lived outdoors and is focused on function, comfort, and style.  


We create beautiful pieces, from simple to high performance designs, keeping in mind the endless ocean and beach activities that you love to do. 


We believe in creating durable products and giving you more value in each piece, so most of our styles are reversible, giving you 2 in 1 and allowing you to mix and match within our collection.   


Our designs, colors and prints are unique and only a select few are made from each. 


Our bikini tops provide a comfortable fit that provides support. All our bikini bottoms, shorts and leggings have a hip tie for a secure fit, making sure they stay on no matter what.  Our rashguards and leggings are rated UPF 50+ and UPF 30+ to keep you protected from the sun.  


Our quality soft material provides the comfort you need to stay out on the water as long as you want.  Plus the versatility of our products allows you to enjoy them on and off the water. 


With style + sustainability at the core of who we are we hope that you will love our waterwear as much as we do!  


This is who we are – Pura Vida! 

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