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MG Surfline grew out of those moments where we felt connected with nature.  Inspired by our love for the ocean, surf and the ‘pura vida’ lifestyle, our values reflect those of a business started by passionate water women.  

We live in a time where our planet's natural health is threatened and so is our way of life. Where survivability is not the issue, our quality of life may be...  along with the degradation of our planet's most precious natural resources.

At MG Surfline we believe in protecting the environment, promoting sustainability, social good, and the well being of our community.

That is why our fundamental goal is to produce products that enhance both human and environmental conditions.  To help us achieve this goal we make all of our operating decisions based on our core values choosing to do business sustainably and ethically.

We are aware that business activities create pollution as a by-product.  So we work hard and steadily to reduce those harms.  We use recycled polyester in ALL our waterwear, and we use recycled plastic and recycled paper for all our packaging.   We strive to reduce, reuse and recycle throughout every process.  Moreover our entire supply chain takes place within the US reducing our carbon footprint.

Having a personal relationship with our hard working seamstresses, knowing where and how every piece is made and giving back is important to us.  We choose to work with manufacturers that provide full time jobs with fair wages and benefits.  From our raw materials manufacturers in California to our assembly manufacturer in Miami we personally know their working conditions and each process.  

At MG Surfline we are committed to protecting the environment and making a difference.  Everything we do involves our commitment to help reverse the decline in the overall environmental health of our planet.   We organize beach clean ups, support recycling programs, donate our time, services and give back to our local community.   


We believe we have a responsibility to lead by example and an opportunity to use our products and our efforts to educate and generate more awareness on the issue of plastic pollution and implement solutions that we can all work on together.  


Join us in our mission for a plastic free ocean!  LEARN MORE

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