Environmental & Social Good

For us at MG Surfline™ a love for our oceans demands our involvement in the fight to protect them.  


We believe in protecting our environment, promoting sustainability, social good, and the well being of our community.  We make all our operating decisions based on our core values.



Plastic Pollution 

Plastic makes up about 90% of all the trash floating in the ocean and it doesn’t biodegrade. 


Every year more and more plastic gets produced and more of it ends up in our oceans. 


According to an Ellen McArthur Foundation report by 2050 there may be more plastic in the ocean than fish! 



Waterwear for a Plastic Free Ocean™

We aspire to be a part of the solution.  Our goal is to set up a program to collect and recycle discarded plastic bottles, keep them out of the ocean and use them to create high value products. 


We organize beach clean ups, support recycling programs, donate our time to grassroots environmental groups, and give back to our local communities.


We believe we have a responsibility to lead by example and an opportunity to use our products and our efforts to educate and generate more awareness on the issue of plastic pollution and implement solutions that we can all work on together.   LEARN MORE



Reduce, Reuse & Recycle 

We are aware that business activities create pollution as a by-product.  So we work hard and steadily to reduce those harms. 


We use 100% recycled polyester, certified Repreve®, in ALL our waterwear goods.  We also use recycled plastic and recycled paper for all our packaging from EcoEnclose.   


We strive to reduce, reuse and recycle throughout every process.



Join us in our mission for a Plastic Free Ocean  

It all starts with you each time you recycle and by choosing products that are made responsibly both environmentally and ethically, you are helping us make our world a better, healthier, and happier place. 


Stay up to date and join one of our beach and waterway clean ups near you!  LEARN MORE

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