What a GREAT feeling after taking care of the place that we LOVE the most!!!

Our 1st beach clean up was a success and we had a great turn out. Thank you to all volunteers who donated their time and effort!  Also, a special thanks to Blueline Surf and Paddle Co. and Coral Cones for their support.


The beach did not seem to be so dirty, but when we started picking up trash we started noticing more and more its hideouts.


Along the shore we found many small pieces of plastic tangled in the seaweed and up by the beach dunes under the sea grapes we found some bigger items, such as plastic bags blown in from the beach, bottles, cans, etc.


Thanks to our friends we filled 7 of our MG beach clean up bags and were able to recover 34 bottles to recycle and reuse. We sorted the trash and recycled the glass, cans and other plastic.


Stay tuned for our next clean up!