World Water Day 2019


Water For All.


Leaving no one behind.


Learn more + what you can do!

​As passionate Water Women we LOVE water and today we celebrate World Water Day!


World Water Day is an annual United Nations observance day that focuses on the importance of freshwater and is used to advocate for managing our freshwater resources sustainably.


The theme this year is 'Leaving no one behind' and we love this because we believe in helping each other and that everyone deserves clean water. 


What's the problem?


To this day, billions of people still live without clean safe water. Rural poor areas and marginalized groups such as women, children, refugees, indigenous peoples and disabled people are sometimes over looked and left behind. Their homes, schools and workplaces lack access to clean water and are struggling to survive. 


Environmental degradation, climate change, population growth, conflict and forced displacement also contrinute to the problem.



What can We Do?


Educate and share with others information and stories about the global water crisis. Knowledge is power.

Take action! Volunteer, donate and join forces with organizations working hard to bring clean and safe water for all. 


The UN's Sustainable Development Goal 6 aims to ensure clean water for all by 2030, hence leaving no one behind.


We want to help make this a reality by donating 10% of our March sales to

As always when you buy from us you are doing something good for our planet and its people! is an organization that has transformed more than 17 million lives, in 13 different countries, with access to safe water and sanitation. Founded by Gary White and Matt Damon they implement solutions to the global water crisis.


At MG Surfline we believe in the collective power of mankind and that together as a global community we can make a difference.



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