Have a peek and get to know some of our favorite home town brands created by conscious entreprenuers.   


Come meet everyone at OUR LIFE & STYLE event in Miami March 7th!  

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Meet our friend and inspiring entrepreneur Emily, owner of Bali Colors.  This beautiful & magical collection of beach wear comes directly from the hands of local artisans in Indonesia!   


The collection covers a range of styles for a full day at the beach including rompers, sarongs, crochet tops for after swim, flowy pants for just off the beach, and long elegant jumpsuits to throw on and dress up for any occasion during the evening. 


Emily works very closely with one woman she met during her travels who had the best quality and styles throughout all of her searching. Each item is hand picked for US based customers!   


For more info visit: Bali Colors Facebook Page.




Skin care… naturally.  
Jungle Mama Naturals started with 2 moms with groms, Ingrid and Lynda, who wanted products that were safe for the kids and the environment.  They make all natural, organic, non-toxic sun protection and skin care products.  Their range of products include organic sunscreen, moisturizers, chapstick and coffee scrubs made with 100% natural ingredients.

We are stoked to have found a sunscreen that works really well in the water, is great for our skin (no break-outs even after having it on all day), doesn’t have any nasty chemicals, and is safe for us and the environment!

Not only that, but Jungle Mama is on the forefront of providing an alternative to plastic containers by offering their products in cardboard and tin containers that can be re-filled and re-used.  

We absolutely love their products and their values!  


For more info visit: junglemamanaturals.com




Karen Kennedy is fearlessly committed to building healthy lifestyles on and off the shores of Miami. Take your workout outdoors and join KK for bootcamp on and off the beach!  


For more info visit: www.karenkennedyfitness.com




About 5 years ago our dear friend Paulinha decided to volunteer for Special Olympics Florida because she wanted to make a difference in the community.   She became head coach for the "305SUP" Miami paddle boarding team and became a mentor to one extraordinary athlete on the team, Paavlena Madhivanan.


Knowing the challenges she will soon face in obtaining a job as a very talented young girl with special needs, they decided to build their own opportunities by starting a company and creating a jewelry collection.  Their passion for the ocean and watersports inspired them to work with pieces such as recycled sea glass found in the ocean and sea shells.


Inspired by nature and made with love, SEA ME is much more than a jewelry collection, it is an opportunity for Paavlena to inspire other young adults with disabilities to accomplish their goals! 


For more info visit: www.seamedesigns.com




Soulmates is brand created by artist and entrepreneur Isa Zapata. Soulmates is a love connection translated into a wearable product. Soulmates is a unique concept that allows clients to create a pair of shoes with digital images that resemble themselves and their soulmate. Each shoe features a different digital image created by Isa.

Soulmates is all about connecting ourselves with what is really important:  the people we love and cherish!  Their brand's main focus is to provide products that awaken feelings of love and gratitude in their clients, as well as, to support small businesses around the globe.


Each and every one of the Soulmates products is and will be made by fair remunerated artisans. Currently, Soulmates Shoes are manufactured by artisans in Cali, Colombia and Miami.


For more info visit: soulmatescollection.com


Similarly, to participate in our activities, you must purchase the latest bikini. You can find the latest bikini and marine products in Simply Beach

Touchstone Essentials was born in 2012 with a commitment to clean ingredients, organic practices and sustainability.  They believe it’s not too much to ask for your nutritional supplements to meet the same high standard you want for your food: organic, clean and natural. Their aim is organic goodness accessible to everyone. It’s pure, plant-based nutrition to unlock your full potential.

Our supplements read like a recipe for good health. They're filled with organic fruits and veggies, and never any toxic additives. They use all of the good:

• Organic Growing Practices
• Superfood Ingredients
• Cold Processing
• Vegetarian Sources
• Exclusive Formulas
• Stringent Lab Testing

And none of the Bad:
Most supplements are anything but healthy. They’re usually full of lab-made chemicals or have suspect sourcing. Not at Touchstone Essentials. 

• No artificial colors
• No artificial flavors
• No artificial sweeteners
• No artificial vitamins
• No GMOs
• No toxic additives


For more info visit: thegoodinside.com



Come meet everyone in person and enjoy a fun night filled with inspiring stories where home town entrepreneurs share their greatest passions on topics such as living sustainably, health & nutrition, fitness, watersports and more!  

Swing by, sip wine, try new appetizer bites from Idira's delicious Restaurant & shop some of our favorite Home Town Brands!


When: March 7th 5-9 pm

Where: Shore to Door Fish Market   • 3380 Douglas Rd Miami, FL 33133 •

Complementary wine & appetizers!

For more info visit OUR LIFE & STYLE • Coconut Grove Facebook Event.

See you there!