10 Things We are Grateful For

November is the month of... THANKS and GIVING.

We want to THANK YOU for for being a part of our MG Surfline™ community.  Without you our dream of becoming a leader in sustainable and ethical fashion will not come true.


November is one of our favorite months. The weather is beautiful, the Holidays are on the brink of bursting, and there is a sense of gratitude in the air bringing people together to stop and reflect what they are most thankful for.

Being grateful is key to experiencing life at its best.  Gratitude improves physical & mental health, and is an important element for success.  Cultivating a daily gratitude habit can help you achieve your goals and lead a healthier and happier life. 


We wanted to share with you 10 things we are most grateful for and hope that you will join us in expressing thankfulness every day.   



1. We are grateful for our Oceans! They cover nearly three fourths of the surface of our planet earth. Providing us with so much LIFE, ABUNDANCE & MAJESTIC BEAUTY.


2. We are thankful for all those who care about our environment, and continuously strive to make our world a better place.  A heartfelt thank you to all our Coastal Clean Up volunteers for joining us in our mission for a Plastic Free Ocean.



3. We are grateful for new advancements in technology that can turn waste into high quality products, helping us make our world a better and healthier place by tackling the issue of plastic pollution. Join us, it all starts each time you recycle!!


4. We are thankful for all wildlife! They play such an important role in keeping our environment in balance! It is our responsibility to love & protect them!



5. We are thankful for WAVES!  Each ridden wave is a personal story...  And every single wave has the power of making us fell ALIVE!


6. We are grateful for sharing unforgetable memories with friends/family, those we care about the most.


7. We give thanks for pristine places that still exist and inspire us to work harder and dream bigger.


8. We are grateful for Sunrises & sunsets. In a magical way they shower us with a warm energy, making us humble and bringing us hope.


9. We are thankful for our hard working team that delicately make all our pieces with love right here in the US.


(Photo by Roxy)

10. We are grateful to have such an amaizing group of inspiring, talented women who are loving our MG Surfline ECO-collection.  THANK YOU for inspiring us to create quality, stylish and functional waterwear for a happy, active, healthy and sustainable way of life. 


Yours truly,


Alex & Meli