Implementing solutions that we can all work on together.



At MG Surfline we are committed to protecting our Oceans and invite you to do the same.  

Here are 5 simple ways to reduce plastic waste:


1.  REFUSE single use plastic:
Say no to plastic bags, water bottles, straws, disposable utensils and cups.

2.  REPLACE plastic products with reusable long lasting alternatives


Plastic shopping bags – replace & bring your own reusable bags.

Plastic water bottles – replace with metal/glass reusable bottles.

Plastic containers & tupperware – replace with glass containers.

Plastic lined cups & plastic lids – replace with a to-go stainless steel thermos mug.

Plastic utensils – replace with reusable bamboo to-go utensils.

Plastic plates – replace with paper plates.

3.  REDUCE & REUSE everyday plastic products when possible:
Clean and re-use plastic products you already have.

4.  RECYCLE, it really does make a difference:



Re-image plastic products as a resource to be captured and used, instead of a waste to be disposed.  You would be amazed at all the products that are being created with what we recycle.  If you must use plastic, choose the most commonly recycled & less harmful plastics: #1 (PETE) or #2 (HDPE).  Here are the common labels and a guide to the dangers & tips for safer use plastic.

5.  PARTICIPATE at cleaning up your local beach:
Join your community at local beach clean ups and 'take 3 for the sea' every time you visit the beach.  If you see it just pick it up!