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7 Ways to Protect MOTHER EARTH

MOTHER EARTH… Isn’t she Beautiful?

Our Planet… Our Home… There is No Away.

We believe protecting Our Planet starts with YOU and that everyone’s small efforts help!

So we put together 10 Simple Ways to Protect Mother Earth:

1- Reduce, Reuse + Recycle

Say NO to single use plastic & help reduce the amount of waste we create. Here are 5 Ways to Rise Above Plastic.

Choose re-usable alternatives instead. Here are 7 Heathier & Better Alternatives to Single Use Plastic.

When you can’t avoid plastic, choose containers that are recyclable & recycle them properly.

2- Shop Wisely

Every time you make a purchase you are casting a vote for how you want the work to be, so choose wisely.

Choose organic, local + sustainable when shopping at the grocery store, and choose products preferably not packaged (bring your re-usable bags) or package in eco-friendly packaging (biodegradable or recycled).

Choose non-toxic chemicals + natural options to cleaning products and self care products. Don’t send all those nasty chemicals into our waterways, polluting and harming them and our oceans.

Support local + sustainable brands that use eco-friendly materials and produce their products causing the least amount of harm to the environment.  Here are  5 High Value Products made with Recycled Materials that Help to Clean our Oceans!

3- Repair Old Clothes + Home Goods

Before replacing something, check and see if it can be repaired.

Choose quality products that are made to last a long time when shopping.

Say no to fast fashion, they are one of the biggest contributors to trash that ends up in our landfills.

4- Bike + Walk More, Drive Less

Less carbon consumption and a great way to stay active for a healthier + happier you! Good for the Planet + Good for you! Win win situation!

5- Conserve Water + Energy

The less water you use, the runoff and wastewater that will eventually end up in our oceans.

Turn the light off when you leave the room. Unplug and turn electronic devices off when overnight and when you are not using them.

Choose energy efficient light bulbs, they reduce greenhouse emission and save you money in the long run.

6- Educate Yourself + Others

Education is Power. When you educate yourself, you can help others understand the importance of our natural resources.

7- Volunteer

Join the movement! Get involved! Volunteer for clean ups in your community and help protect our natural areas.

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