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5 Ways to Spring Clean your Mind Body and Soul for a Healthier Happier You

How good does it feel after you Spring Clean around your home?
There is a sense of accomplishment, we get rid of the old and make room for the new or simply have more space to enjoy.

Same goes for our mind, body and soul.
The benefits are a healthier + happier you!

Here are 5 ways to Spring Clean your Mind Body and Soul.

Spend time in Nature.

Being outside is known to improve your health.Stress is relieved by Mother Nature’s therapy.

Make time each day to be in Nature. It can be as simple as a quiet walk at sunset.

Make time to Move.

We know how important exercise is to our wellbeing and health.

Many of us don’t have a spare hour to hit the gym and workout. But simple adjustments in our daily lives can make a huge difference and make us simply feel good.

Here are some suggestions:

Stand upand walk every time you are on the phone.

At work set an alarm on your phone for every 30 minutes. Once the alarm goes off stop what you are doing and do 10 jumping jacks or simply get up for a full body stretch. You will notice an increase in concentration and creativity.

Make it a habit to do yoga or stretch when you wake up or before going to bed for 15 minutes. To make something a habit commit to it for 30 days, after that it will start to come naturally. Just like brushing your teeth before bed. And trust me, after you are done doing yoga it will feel so good and you will be so grateful you did it.

Pick up a hobby and do something you love! We love to surf, kiteboard, free dive, stand up paddle board and really anything in the water. When you do something that is fun, the workout doesn’t feel like work. Plus you get the benefits of being out in Nature too.

Our eco-collection pieces are Made to Move with You.
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Eat healthy. 

Food nourishes you and has the power to help you feel your best.At the super market we are saturated with options, but these simple guidelines will help.

Fresh is best. Avoid processed foods.

Look at your ingredients, general rule of thumb, less is best.

Avoid ingredients such as palm oil and other trans fats, high fructose corn syrup, partially hydrogenated anything, artificial sweeteners and coloring.

Look for certified organic and non-GMO labels, for profit companies try to confuse you with words like natural and green imagery on the box, don’t let them.

Purge what you don’t need. 

Purge not just all the extra stuff hiding in the back of the closet, but also unhealthy habits, social commitments that you no longer enjoy, negative self talk, anything that you feel drains your energy or brings you down. Priorities change through the course of our life and that’s ok, if it doesn’t make you happy why do it?

So head to your closets, your calendar, check your habits and your self talk to see what can be purged to lighten the load and improve your life.

If you constantly feel like you don’t have enough time, taking away all that doesn’t serve you will give you enough time to do what you love.


You would be surprised how much time you actually spend in front of a screen, your phone, computer and TV.  Unplugging is just another way to make more time for yourself and to do what you love.

Start by unplugging every evening after work.

When having a meal with family or friends keep the phone tucked away, even just it’s presence on the table is distracting you from enjoying the moment and truly connecting with the ones you care about.

To take it even further you can challenge yourself to unplug for a whole weekend or on your next vacation.

If you haven’t already try meditation.  Meditation is known to reduce stress and improve emotional health. Our brand ambassador Audrey Sutton Mills breaks down meditation in 5 easy steps in her podcast Soul School with Audrey available on iTunes. Have a listen here!

You’ll soon find that doing other things that are better for you with your extra time equals a healthier + happier you!

At MG Surfline part of our mission is to inspire a happy, active, healthy and sustainable way of life.  We want to help you live your best life!

Leave us a comment! We would love to hear how you make time to do what you love. And if you are using any of our tips let us know how it’s going.

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