5 Simple Ways to Reduce Plastic Pollution

For us at MG Surfline™ a love for our oceans demands our involvement in the fight to protect them and we aspire to be a part of the solution.

We are committed to protecting our Oceans and invite you to do the same.  Let’s implement solutions that we can all work together as a global community.


 1. REFUSE single use plastic:
Say no to plastic bags, water bottles, straws, disposable utensils and cups.

When shopping try buying less of the plastic pre-packaged products, choose items that come in glass containers and instead of buying plastic wrapped meat and veggies, buy meats from the butcher wrapped in paper and pack your veggies loose in a reusable shopping bag.  Remember ingesting food packaged in plastic may expose you to harmful plastic chemicals like BPA.

2. REPLACE plastic products with reusable long lasting alternatives & REUSE everyday plastic products when possible:

Here are some ideas:

Plastic shopping bags – replace & bring your own reusable bags.

Plastic water bottles – replace with metal/glass reusable bottles.

Plastic containers, zip-top bags & tupperware – replace with glass containers.

Plastic lined cups & plastic lids – replace with a to-go stainless steel thermos mug.

Plastic plates – replace with paper plates.

Plastic utensils – replace with reusable bamboo to-go utensils.


3. RECYCLE, it really does make a difference:

Imagine plastic products as a resource to be captured and used, instead of waste to be disposed of.  If you must use plastic, choose the most commonly recycled plastics: #1 (PETE) or #2 (HDPE).  You would be amazed at all the products that are being created with what we recycle.  Make sure to check your community guidelines for recycling properly.

4. GET INVOLVED in your community:
Join your community at local beach clean ups.  We announce our beach clean ups in our News section, stay up to date and join us!  If you see trash at the beach, in the park or in the water pick it up and dispose of it properly.

Join non-profit organizations and get involved in changing legislation.

Promote corporate responsibility by asking businesses to take responsibility for their products and their packaging.

5. Be a conscious consumer & SUPPORT sustainable businesses:

As consumer we have the power to change the world.  Every time you make a purchase you are casting a vote for what you want and how you want the world to be.  Vote for companies and products that are made responsibly. Sustainably and ethically is the way business should be done.

Learn more on how we turn recycled plastic bottles into amazing waterwear and our ongoing efforts for a plastic free ocean.


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